Awareness Through Movement (ATM) is a method of teaching whereby a group of students engage in movement and thought explorations verbally guided by a practitioner, either in-person or via audio recording.

The classes teach movement in a variety of ways. They may focus on developmental movements (such as crawling or rolling from side to side), articulation of specific muscles or joints, or functions like walking, pulling, reaching, breathing, seeing, or speaking. The student learns an ever-increasing repertoire of movements, but also the process by which he or she can address new situations that call for original movements. In general the student learns to move with less effort and more comfort, speed, and power.

An ATM class commonly begins with a very simple movement which builds in complexity, taking useful detours to help the student understand how the larger movement works and how it might be similar to, but not the same as, another movement with which they may already be familiar. Learning increasingly subtle differences is an important part of learning to adjust movement to different situations.

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