Thinking About Movement: The Path of Movement through Time

Often when thinking about movement we remove the element of time. I don’t just mean time in the sense of your life history, although that is a significant factor, but the immediate history between one movement and the next. We imagine that when you get to a position you are there, and that the movements that brought you to that position are finished. This way of visualizing movement ignores certain aspects of movement that are important. When you  come to a position you engage muscles in some sequence. Likely, when you reach the position where you stop, you don’t let Read More

Thinking about Movement: Flexibility & Mobility

“I want to be more flexible.” If you have a limited range of motion, meaning your movements are not as big as you want them to be, it may seem to follow that you are not flexible. It may be true, but it’s not the only explanation. Flexibility is a property of muscle tissue – the ability for the muscle to elongate when relaxed. But it is not the only factor that reduces range of motion, and the other relevant factors can be addressed more easily than flexibility. Say you are lying on your back and then you try to hug Read More